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EOI have an extensive range of bakery margarines, shortenings, creaming & confectionary shortenings, pre-mixes and butter substitutes to suit all of your bakery needs. All of the products in our range have been thoroughly tested by our expert bakers for optimal baking results. We cater for a range of different dietary requirements with many of the products in our range suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet and we supply products that are vegetable based as well as tallow based.

You cannot go wrong with traditional biscuits and slices in your bakery business. Classics such as our hedgehog slice, caramel slice, yo-yo cookies, gingerbread, and Viennese biscuits are favourites as well as classic shortbread and Anzac biscuits, which are recipes that your customers will want all year round! To view our biscuits and slices recipe see below.

Good quality bread and yeast products are the heart of any good Bakery. Fresh baked bread products are a favourite and there are now many different types of bread products that your customers are wanting from ciabatta to tiga bread to sourdough to the more traditional white loaf which your customers expect to see when they walk into your store. Donut and yeast products are also growing in popularity with many different types on the market such as custard filled donuts or choc chip hot cross buns or the family version of hot cross buns – the pull-apart hot cross bun. However, you can’t disappoint with traditional yeast products such as a traditional jam donut. View below for our trustworthy recipes that your customer will enjoy.

With breakfast becoming a popular eating out occasion, why not widen your pie offering to include breakfast pies. From a traditional egg and bacon pie, a big breakfast pie, eggs benedict pie to a more modern sweet breakfast pie, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Save time on product development with these recipes below which have been tried and tested. Your customers will love to try something a bit different for breakfast on the go!

Ideal for partial or total butter replacement and delivers the same performance, these butter substitute recipes will help to reduce your bakery ingredient costs. Classic recipes such as hedgehog slice, caramel slice as well as shortbread have been tried and tested so you can ensure that your customers will be satisfied without compromising on quality or taste. Take a look at our recipes below to start saving on ingredients costs now.

Cake fillings, icing and toppings are important for finishing off cakes and sponges. With the inclusion of our Solite Creaming Shortening, it will help to perfect your creams, fillings and toppings. With a low melting point for fast palate release, quick bowl aeration, high overrun and water absorption, Solite will help to perfect your creams and icings. A collection of our favourite - raspberry, lemon and chocolate cream fillings and our chocolate and plain fudge icings have been tested and will guarantee great results time after time.

Delicious cakes and sponges are a must in any good Australian bakery. From the traditional sponge to classic chocolate cake to more modern decadent cakes & sponges, these products are favourites for many bakery customers. Our Ballerina cake with a fine even texture with a full rich flavour, topped with our Solite fudge icing is an easy to make cake that your customer will love. Likewise, our coffee, walnut and mocca cake is so quick and easy to prepare and is a recipe that will please everyone. For something a bit more decadent, why not try our chocolate fudge cake which is topped with dark chocolate ganache. To view our cake and sponge recipes see below.

Custards and sweet pastries are favourites at most bakeries. These custard recipes using our Custilla Custard Mix will ensure you have a high quality, multi-purpose usage. Can be used as pourable custard over puddings and desserts, a piping and filling custard or as an ingredient for Bavarian cream or mousses. Equally, our sweet pastries include a variety of traditional and more modern recipes that your customers will enjoy. From the traditional vanilla slice to lemon meringue éclairs, these recipes will provide you with delicious product offerings for your bakery. Many of our custard and pastry recipes have won awards at The Great Vanilla Slice Triumph, so for some inspiration see below.

Looking for new gourmet flavours for your customers? Savoury gourmet pastries are growing in popularity and are an important offering in any well-established bakery in Australia. From our delicious authentic beef rendang pie or Tuscan chicken pie to our award winning Indian satay chicken pie, we have savoury gourmet pastry recipes that are on trend, are flavoursome and that your customers will love. Further, our recipes which have been tested so you can rest assured that yours customer will be satisfied. View below for savoury gourmet pastry recipe inspiration.

Patisserie products are growing in popularity in bakeries. From éclairs to royal Danish pastry to other cakes, tortes and tarts, these are patisserie products that are well-liked and a good way of increasing sales in your bakery business. Offering a wide selection of patisserie products is important as is offering delicious products made from high quality ingredients. Add your own artistic flair by topping your bakery products with icings, creams and other on-trend toppings. View a few of our tried and tested recipes below.

Offering pies with tasty fillings is just as important as the pastry itself. A thick, gravy like consistency with a robust flavour is important for any pie filling. Making the best pie filling has never been so easy with Pie Time Meat Filling Pre-Mix. Add other ingredients such as onions, garlic, spices, etc to make your own unique pie flavours. For some recipe inspiration, view our pie time recipes below.

Baked goods are such a special treat especially at Christmas & Easter time. Your customers will appreciate homemade festive treats to share with friends and family over the holidays. Make the most of these seasonal products and increase your sales by offering some of these all-time favourites such as, Christmas pudding, Christmas shortbread, White Christmas, Festive Fruit Cake, Traditional Stollen, Gingerbread as well as Easter favourites such as Hot Cross Buns and Easter Hot Cross Bun Pullapart. For trusted recipes that your customers will love view below.

Traditional savoury pastries are a must in any good Australian bakery. From the traditional meat pie to a traditional meat & vegetable pastie or a traditional sausage roll, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Create the perfect flaky pastry with the inclusion of good quality flavoursome fillings that everyone will keep coming back for. Your customers will love our recipes which have been tried and tested – a proven formula so you can look forward to increased sales with our popular and practical fillings. View below for some traditional savoury pastry recipes.

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