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Classic Shortbread

Recipe Steps

Classic Shortbread

Group 1
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    EOI Royal Danish Margarine
    Butter unsalted
    Caster sugar
  • Method:
    Blend together to a smooth paste.
Group 2
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Egg yolks
    Vanilla essence
  • Method:
    Add and blend until smooth.
Group 3
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Rice flour
    Biscuit flour
  • Method:
    Add to Groups 1 and 2, blend till dough just comes together.
  • 4765
  • Total weight
  • This quantity is suitable for a 20 litre bowl

Additional Information:

Make up Procedure
Roll out dough to desired thickness and cut into shapes. Place on trays and bake at 160ºC. Bake times will depend on the size of the dough pieces. Product is baked when the edges just start to brown.

Points of Importance
1. Do not over mix Group 3.
2. If rice flour is unavailable increase the biscuit flour to 2240g.

Recipe Uses:

Royal Danish 12.5kg

Premium vegetable margarine for use in croissants, danish pastries and shortbread. Ideal as a partial or total replacement for butter. This product is virtually Trans Free and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan use.

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