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Traditional Meat Pie Filling

Recipe Steps

Traditional pie filling

Group 1
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Minced Steak - Coarse
  • Method:
    Bring Group 1 to the boil; then simmer for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Group 2
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    EOI Pie Time
  • Method:
    Make a slurry of Group 2, then remove from heat and thicken. There is no need to return the meat to the heat.
  • 13500
  • Total Weight

Additional Information:

Meat Pie Fillings are suitable for freezing in a baked or unbaked state and are completely freeze-thaw stable.

Points of Importance
1. These pie fillings should be read in conjunction with your states legislation relative to meat percentage content.
2. Yield, tin size, scaling weights, and pastry thicknesses must be classed as variable, due to personal selection and left to the individual manufacturer.

Recipe Uses:

Pie Time 15kg

An MSG-Free Australian meat pie premix used to create any number of delicious pie fillings. Very quick and easy to use - just add meat and water. Its high quality premix formula offers a fantastic time saving solution to busy bakers.

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