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EOI provide FREE merchadise
to help you drive sales in your bakery business.

At EOI, we recognise the importance of meeting customer needs…which is why we provide FREE MERCHANDISE to help you drive your sales. This includes our Petey Pie mascot and toys, loyalty cards, flyers, recipe books, shop signs, and much more!

Petey Pie

Petey Pie is a cuddly and loveable pie-shaped character created by EOI. For many years, this life-sized (2.5m high) mascot has assisted baking businesses in boosting consumer awareness of great Australian meat pies and baking products. This popular mascot is available free of charge for your front of store promotions and other marketing activities, so contact us today for more information (Note: the Petey Pie mascot is currently available only to VIC & NSW customers). Petey Pie is also available nationally as a small toy, and is great for promotional giveaways to customers!

5 ways Petey Pie can promote your bakery business

1. In-store Promotion.
Petey Pie is there to create excitement for children and bring a laugh to your customers as they enter your bakery. He can distribute promotional flyers to your customers, or give out helium balloons to the kids!


2. Lunch Value Meal Promotion.
Why not use Petey Pie in front of your Bakery or around the Food Court area to promote your lunch value meal?


3. Bakery Birthday Celebration.
Kids love Petey Pie! At birthday celebrations, have Petey Pie there to meet the kids and help cut the celebration cake.


4. Pie Eating Competition.
Why not have a fun and exciting Petey Pie Eating Competitions at your business?


5. Product Launch.
Are you about to produce a new and exciting range of bakery products? Having Petey Pie at your launch guarantees customer interest!

Loyalty Cards

Give your customers a reason to return with ‘Buy 5 Pies, get 1 Free’ loyalty cards supplied by EOI! Reward customer loyalty and grow your customer base by letting your customers know ‘fresh baked’ is always best. Simply contact your local sales representative for these FREE and fantastic marketing tools!

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