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Laurie Farr AKA Loz
0418 194 613

I have been in the industry for 42 years. Whilst at TAFE college learning my trade I made a living making wedding cakes but my real love is French pastry.

I have worked for several companies over the years including Herbert Adams, Woolworths and Thredbo International to name a couple. I have also owned & operated three bakeries of my own.

I like the baking industry for the variety of facets it has to offer, both in products & employment opportunities. There is always something different happening. The best part about being an EOI Guy is the people you get to work with & meet every day on the job.

Outside of work my passions are photography, travel and my family. I’m always looking forward to my next sunrise or sunset or travel destination.

Paul Attwood
0408 653 960

I have been in the Baking Industry for over 21 years, starting my career at a wholesale bakery called Dadd’s Bakery (Lamington Land). This is where I discovered my love of making pastry. While I was working at Dadd’s Bakery I attended TAFE NSW Ryde campus to obtain my certificate in Bakery Trades.

During my apprenticeship I started working for Woolworths, and stayed for 9 years as a baker. During that time working with many different bakers I learnt all about bread making & many different techniques.

I then moved on to work for Coles in a variety of management roles where I refined my skills in leadership & business.

After 9 years at Coles I returned to my love of pastry by working at Heatherbraes Pies. While there I honed my skills in what makes a great pie and was able to win a few medals at different Pie competitions around the country.

I started at EOI in October 2018 and I thoroughly enjoy my role. I am enjoying meeting new people & learning new skills as well as learning more about the industry I know and love. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the industry to others. I want everyone to be able to achieve the best outcomes for their business and look forward to seeing them reap the rewards.

Outside of work you will find me spending quality time with my wife and 3 daughters or enjoying a round of Golf. I look forward to being of assistance to you.

Brendan Bullen
0418 993 791

I have been in the baking industry for over 28 years.

I have been involved in the baking industry from a young age as my family owned and operated Freemans Bakery Cafes in the regional town of Shepparton, Vic. From the age of 16, I started my apprenticeship through William Angliss and worked full time in the family business right through to 2004 when we sold the business when I was a director of the business. I then went and worked in the flour industry as well as in a business that imported natural niche ingredients such as humectants and emulsifiers for the food and pharmaceutical industries. After that I joined a Cake Manufacturer in product development assisting production, solving issues, and special projects.

In 2011 an opportunity came up with EOI / Peerless Foods and I joined this company. I love that my role is to sell a quality product that I believe in but also allows me to assist and build a working partnership with each business and offer support from improving their baked goods, problem solving or guidance with the day to day running of their business. This also allows me the opportunity to provide demonstrations for our customers or future customers, rather than just selling them a product.

Outside of work, you will find me baking at home and developing new recipes, following football (Go Bombers), Cricket or spending quality time with my wife, daughter, two dogs, family and friends.

Corey Howard
0411 868 022

I’m a qualified Pastry Cook with over 30 years’ experience in the baking industry. Over those years I have worked in both small and large scale bakeries including Beaumonts Pies and Cakes and Patties Foods. During this time I have worked in a number of areas including production, research & development and new product development.

I joined EOI / Peerless Foods in 2015. Through my role with EOI I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many incredible business owners and trades people and I really enjoy being able to assist them with new ideas and support for their business.

Through my role at EOI I’ve been fortunate to be able to judge at the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition and The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph a part of my role that I also thoroughly enjoy.

Jason Riley
0417 200 105

Qualified Baker /Pastry Chef with 29 years experience in the industry. At a young age I enjoyed several roles within bakeries including Buttercup and the Stamford Hotel as well as independent small business before gaining and completing my apprenticeship at Regency TAFE.

After completing my apprenticeship I moved to the UK where I had twelve month work placement in a bakery. On returning back to Australia I commenced a role as a production manager for a family owned bakery in Glenelg.
Prior to joining EOI I worked for a flour milling company as a technical representative.

I am now into my 14th year with Peerless Foods/EOI and I enjoy working with customers to provide confidence and growth in an industry where you are always learning. I enjoy getting my hands dirty working side by side with customers demonstrating all the benefits of using EOI products.

With 18yrs experience judging across National baking competitions (Great Australian Vanilla Slice Trump/ Great Aussie Pie Comp / Royal Show’s & Bakeskills) I know what it takes to make great products.

Leif Madsen
0417 217 994

I was born in Denmark and qualified as a baker & pastry cook with honours in 1983. After completing my trade I worked in various bakeries as well as a bakery ingredients manufacturer where I was involved in product development and quality control.

After relocating to Perth to work with Danish Patisserie as head baker I ultimately relocated to Sydney where I owned and operated The Village Bakery. After selling The Village Bakery I relocated to Brisbane where I had a number of roles with various bakeries Head Pastry Chef for Queen of Hearts an upmarket cake manufacturer that catered for Parliament House as well as first and business class airlines.

My relationship with the EOI brand began in 1999 when I joined Unilever as Area Manager – Bakery in Melbourne. In 2001 I relocated with Unilever to the Brisbane office. Since this time I have had a number of sales roles within food service and in 2011 I joined EOI/Peerless Foods as Area Manager – Bakery in Queensland.

The baking industry is a passion for me as much as an occupation. Assisting both individuals and businesses in the industry is what I enjoy most about my role.

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