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An unrivalled commitment and passion to supporting the baking industry.

EOI are passionate about encouraging the current and the next generation of artisan Pastry Chefs and Bakers. We support the growth of the Australian baking community through numerous Sponsorships and industry partnerships.

Baking Shows
& Competition Sponsorships

National Baking Shows

Baking Association of Australia conduct the Baking shows throughout capital cities and Regional/Country areas which are sponsored by EOI .

Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun

Also in conjunction with the Baking Association of Australia, EOI is the major sponsor of this competition held in Victoria each February .

Petey Pie Bakery

Royal Melbourne Show and Sydney Royal Easter Show – EOI sponsor this event by providing promotional collateral, such as our famous Petey Pie Mascot to assist in the running of the event.

Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph

EOI are the principal sponsor of the “Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph” conducted in regional Victoria in August each year

Aussie Pie Month

EOI is the Official sponsor of Aussie Pie Month, which serves to celebrate Australia’s much-loved icon; the pie. Pie month is focused on assisting bakers to promote pie consumption during the month of September.

Fine Foods

Official Great Australian Pie Competition

EOI is the major sponsor of the highly prestigious Official Great Australian Pie Competition at Fine Foods September each year – the annual competition’s open to all pie making professionals and attracts thousands of entries from bakers across Australia. As the original and nationally recognised pie competition in Australia, it is highly regarded by the baking industry and represents the pinnacle of pie making excellence. To find out more about the Official Great Australian Pie Competition, click on the following link:

Bake Skills Competition

EOI are a principle sponsor of the Bake Skills Competition held each September at Fine Foods which is Australia’s premier baking competition for 18 – 24 year old Pastry Chefs and Bakers.

EOI Demo Bakery

EOI conduct the EOI Demo Bakery at Fine Foods – EOI trained bakery staff demonstrate and showcase new bakery recipes and products as part of the Bakery World stand at Fine Foods.

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