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Chocolate Fudge Icing

Recipe Steps

Chocolate Fudge Icing

Group 1
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Milk Powder
    Cocoa Powder
    EOI Sovereign
  • Method:
    Cream until soft and smooth.
Group 2
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Vanilla Essence
  • Method:
    Add Group 2 slowly and continue to beat until very light.
Group 3
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients:
    Finely Sieved Icing Sugar
  • Method:
    Add Group 3 gradually and beat until thoroughly blended.
  • 1925
  • Total Weight

Additional Information:

Here is a mellow eating icing that remains soft and is never sticky. The quantity is suitable for a 10 litre bowl.

Points of Importance
Fudge Icing may be used immediately.

Recipe Uses:

Sovereign 15kg

Premium cake margarine with a buttery baked through flavour. Ideal as a partial or total replacement for butter.

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