Make up information savoury pastries and fillings

The Flour
Bakers flour with a protein level of between 10% and 12% is most suitable for savoury pastry production. The flour should also have an extensibility level of 17.5cm these factors are important for the dough development. Water level is also important, as this will vary (+ or – up to 10%) depending on the protein level in the flour.


The Margarines and Shortenings
EOI bakery have a wide variety of pastry margarines and shortenings designed for special needs. They have all the features i.e. controlled melting points plasticity ranges that allow excellent lamination to be formed when turning the pastries, and good palate clearing properties when eaten.


The Lamination of the Pastry
This aspect of the preparation of pastry making is probably the most important because the best made dough and quality fats will be of no available if the layering is destroyed by taking the pastry too thin on the initial turns. No matter if it is 3/4 or 1/2 pastry, or whether the turns are half or book, therefore it is most important that the reduction in the thickness of the pastry is done gradually. This procedure and the correct resting periods between the turns will ensure good results.


The Baking
Pastries are usually baked in the 210°C – 240°C temperature range. This will ensure the steam generation will take place in the dough, causing the lift, and the fat which lubricates the dough layers will not run out while the lift is being established. After the proteins have set the temperature can be reduced to dry the pastries out, making a flaky crisp eating product.


Some other Useful points

  1. The addition of acid Phosphate to the dough will help strengthen the flour, this is a good idea, particularly for refrigeration purposes (ratio of 42g to 4kg of flour).
  2. EOI ready bits are designed especially for chopped in doughs.
  3. Insufficient turns will also cause fat to run out.
  4. Dough and fat should be near same consistency.
  5. Always cover with plastic to reduce moisture loss from dough surface.
  6. Only use enough dusting flour to do the job. Excess flour robs the dough of moisture and spoils the lift, also causes additional surface flakes.


Savoury Doughs
These are usually formulated between 1/2 and 1/4 ratio of fat to flour. The degree of shortness is determined be how well you coat the flour with the fat before the addition of water. Shortenings contain no water or salt, so could require the addition of water plus salt. The baking powder level will also have an influence on shortness on the assumption that baking powder or bi-carb soda are tenderisers.

NOTE: A blend of ‘ Bakers Flour’ and ‘Hi-ratio Flour’ will also produce shortness.


Savoury Fillings
Are dependant on the quality of the raw materials used. The higher the quality the better the flavour.

Suitable for the following products:

Pride Ready Bits 15kg

Premium vegetable margarine ready bits for use in all quiche base, or short pastry lines. Ideal as a partial or total replacement for butter. This product is virtually Trans Free and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan use.

Pride Block 12.5kg

Premium vegetable margarine for use in all quiche base and short pastry lines. Ideal as a partial or total replacement for butter. This product is virtually Trans Free and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan use.

Shortex 12.5kg

Traditional vanilla flavour margarine for all short pastry, sweet crust and quiche bases.

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