EOI Puffs and Éclairs

A regular and popular line for many years and an item of high quality. Unfilled, they store well in airtight containers.

Group 1
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
    EOI Gilt
  • Method:
    Bring Group 1 to boiling point
Group 2
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
    Bakers Flour
  • Method:
    Sieve Group 2, then add to Group 1 stirring vigorously until thoroughly cooked.
Group 3
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
  • Method:
    Turn Groups 1 and 2 into a mixing bowl and blend on low speed for 1 minute to allow for cooling. Beat in eggs gradually, scraping down between additions.
Group 3
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
    Baking Powder
  • Method:
    Finally add Group 4 and mix well.

Additional Information:

Make up Procedure
Puffs – Pipe in bulbs with star or plain tubes, walnut size – 7cm apart.
Eclairs – Pipe in finger shapes on lightly greased trays.

230°C for 25-30 minutes

PUFFS AND ÉCLAIRS are suitable for freezing in baked condition.

Points Of Importance
1. Group 2 must be cooked until the mass is clear and has come away from the sides of the pot.
2. Before the first addition of egg is made, the batter should be allowed to cool slightly.
3. Clear all additions of egg before adding more.
4. It should be noted that EOI Trend or EOI Sovereign can be used successfully.
5. Egg content may vary according to flour strength.

Recipe Uses:

Gilt 12.5kg

Premium butter flavour margarine for all short pastry, sweet crust & quiche bases. Ideal as a partial or total replacement for butter.

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