EOI Premium Pie Bottom Pastry

This specialty recipe produces a thin pie bottom that will not stick or shrink. Handles well and reheats well and retains its short eating qualities. This quantity is suitable for a 20 litre bowl.

Group 1
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
    Bakers flour
    Milk powder
    EOI Vegetable Duo or EOI Duo
  • Method:
    Use dough hook and low speed. Rub together Group 1 until EOI Vegetable Duo or EOI Duo is well distributed.
Group 2
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
  • Method:
    Add Group 2 and mix well to a clear dough.
Group 3
  • g/ml:
  • Ingredients
    Bakers flour
    Baking powder
  • Method:
    Add Group 3 and mix to a smooth dough.

Additional Information:

Point of importance:
1. This dough does not require any turns and can be used straight from the machine.
2. Soft flour will improve eating quality.
3. The key to good pie bottom mixing is to stop gluten development, so ensure Group 1 is thoroughly mixed to a crumbly consistency.

Usage advantages:
1. Excellent performance during rolling – can be rolled thinner.
2. Great side wall structure.
3. Superior bake and reheat properties.
4. Clean non-greasy mouth feel.
5. Non-sticky – use less flour while sheeting.

And use either:
EOI Vegetable Duo or Traditional Duo

Recipe Uses:

Duo Vegetable 12kg

Vegetable shortening specially developed for premium quality, pie base and quiche. This product is virtually Trans Free and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan use.

Duo 12kg

High quality shortening plasticised for pie base and quiche.

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