EOI - supporting Australian bakers for more than 80 years

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EOI, one of the country's leading baking margarine and shortening suppliers, is now more than 80 years old.

EOI's National Business Manager - Bakery, Peter LeSueur, has this to say - 

"It is important that we recognise and thank the Australian baking industry whose bakers have supported EOI for more eight decades. Without their continued support now and into the future, EOI would not have achieved such distinction. As such, our loyal customers can always look forward to our continued support in the form of sponsorships, promotions, free expert advice, marketing tips, premiums and much more!"

Edible Oil Industries (EOI) was first established in Sydney by Unilever in November 1933 as a manufacturer of edible oil products for baking, foodservice and industrial purposes. Reflective of rural industry trends of the period, these were tallow-based products for breads, pastries, cakes and the like.

Over the decades, as markets around Australia expanded, so did EOI production and the breadth of EOI branded products available. Vegetable-based products such as Vegetable Duo and Vantage pie bottom shortenings were introduced to the range during the 1990s, as well high performance products such as Perfex, Royal Danish, Pride and Monarch.

Some eight years ago, Unilever divested of its bakery, foodservice and industrial products to concentrate on consumer goods. A complement to its edible oils, fats and margarines, Peerless Foods consequently purchased EOI in September 2005.

EOI continues as a 100 percent Australian-owned and operated company, manufacturing and supplying high quality margarines and shortenings to the baking industry.

For further information about the EOI products, call toll-free on 1800 986 499.